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I once had a Ukrainian lover, Allanko, who was a fighter pilot in the former Yugoslavia. And his uncle fucked to death and he was already old enough. His years and a back that measured at least five palms wide, that the first time I had him on top I dedicated myself to my measurements. On one occasion we fucked so much that my pussy was like the Higgs Boson, which seems very big and deep to me. And this is all the geopolitical analysis that I can make of the conflict, I hope you have found it useful. Now we go with the four sexiest phrases of 2022.

We live in convulsive years, come on, that the pandemic in 2020 is going to be an appetizer in the end. Of course, the writer of the last two years is hitting it, at our expense, of course. The other day, watching the news that it is something that you should NOT do if you want to have mental health and live in harmony, I saw, one after another, about the rise in electricity, the increase in sunflower oil, gasoline skyrocketing and the shortage of milk. All like that, out of the blue. And it occurred to me that now the sexiest phrases when it comes to flirting would be very different from those before 2020. The phrases that they play us now have nothing to do with that summer song that said “come here, my mom, here to the sand I’m going to give you good salami ». Or something like that, I clearly remember that salami was involved. But not. We have evolved into something else, which is neither better nor worse. Is different. Today we are excited to hear other types of phrases whispered in our ears. Namely:

Let’s go, I’ve filled the diesel tank

the sexiestBuah, this puts quantity, and if the utility vehicle has a large tank and spends much more, it excites much more. The gas station is that new prohibitive place almost as expensive as Diverxo. Come on, the guy from the pump turns us on much more (if there is a guy and a pump) than any other jambo.

“I have a pantry full of sunflower oil”

Sunflower oil is the new toilet paper. Or the new yeast. Do you remember when in April 2020 there was no way to find yeast in supermarkets? For me, who is not far-sighted, my pastels were like cow shit, squashed, because the only thing I got before confinement was new signs for the little one because I sensed that we were going to paint a lot at home. Look, I wasn’t wrong. Well now the same thing happens with sunflower oil: the other day I was at a fuck friend ‘s house and he had a full pantry, at least 15 liters, in 5-liter bottles. The worst thing is that I don’t use it, He confessed to me. In other words, the pure desire to hoard, I thought. He seemed like a cenutrio after this confession and I have put him on the list of unineuronals and unidustes : this one never sees my hair again. That yes, a carafe of oil I took, that the thing is very bad. If you add to the bottles of sunflower oil that the subject has liters of milk (I mean in the pantry, not that he runs like a bull) and yogurt, then, don’t doubt it, he’s a great match.

I put the washing machine four times a week, and at 60 degrees

the hottest wordsThe temperature matters because, at a higher temperature, greater electricity consumption and a man who puts on the washing machine several times a week (already, if … Read more

Exhibition about the penis to understand why it is put on a pedestal


I doubt that the exhibition succeeded in knocking the phallus off its pedestal.

I’m not an expert on sexuality , gender and bodies, but I’m in touch with reality. To get to know this world better, I went to the Ghent University Museum or GUM, to the Phallus expo, an exhibition about penises.

penis pictureBecause it was very hot outside, I was glad to enter the air-conditioned establishment. The entrance was dark and didn’t feel very welcoming, especially compared to the botanical garden outside. I took the elevator up to the third floor, where, in a room full of strange objects, the museum guide was waiting for that day’s visitors. After a brief explanation of how the museum works, I was allowed to roam around freely.

Phallus is a temporary exhibition within a permanent collection of curiosities. The objects you find at GUM are old teaching materials that are no longer useful in the digital age of the 21st century. After passing a life-size papier mache horse, a huge iron penis, Aboriginal masks, stuffed animals and metal plants, I climbed the stairs and entered a small, dark room with many penis-shaped objects.

penis exhibitionThe exhibition promises to put the male genital organ on a pedestal, with the idea that it will later take it down. The space is full of male perspectives on sexuality and the medical world. This criticism is also discussed in the section on sex toys and documentaries about vaginas. For example, in his book De humani corporis fabrica libri septem , the biologist Andreas Vesalius says that the vagina is just a penis turned upside down . An idea that goes with the social and Christian theory of the time that the vagina was meant to receive the male genital organ and produce children. Basically, the vagina was considered a channel for receiving sperm and nothing more. That is why, in its beginnings, medicine did not pay any attention to the vagina .

In the room full of penises I got explanations about all things penis. I saw the stuffed penis of a bat and the testicles of a dog. I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t see any duck penis, because I knew it was super special and coiled, just like a duck’s vagina . Hanging on the wall were several sculptures of micropenis that you might have seen in the past at circuses or freak shows. I even saw models of female and male genitalia just like the ones I saw when I was little in sex education classes and I didn’t understand a thing.

In the center of the room was a male body model, erect and upside down. Why would she be sad? Why did he have an erection? It remains a mystery.

GHENT UNIVERSITY MUSEUMThe exhibition also tells us how we develop our sexual organs. Basically, they all grow from the same tuber. Research has shown that the vagina is really not that different from the penis. I learned this from June Pla’s book, Jouissance Club , which explains everything about sex and the sexual organs. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about orgasm. For example, we know that a woman’s clitoris is a single point, when in fact, inside the body, it also has a glans, a foreskin, and swelling tissue, just like the penis.

THE SPACE IS FULL OF MALE PERSPECTIVES ON SEXUALITY AND THE MEDICAL WORLDSo we all have penises? It seems so. The exhibition also had a video about intersex people . I learned that until a few years ago, intersex babies were operated on by doctors who decided their sex without asking their consent. It seemed absurd to me. But it seems they have recently realized how absurd that is. Now they are waiting for … Read more

Feet fetish: learn all about it here!

foot fetish

Foot fetish is pretty common, you know? If you don’t have it, it may seem strange, but it’s super normal to feel sexual attraction and arousal from your feet. Foot fetish, as this type of fetish is called, became better known (or perhaps came to light) with the story of the “foot pack”, remember?

With the internet and the popularization of social networks in recent years, many people, even famous, began to receive proposals for money for photo packages of the feet, which many considered a good deal because they do not consider intimate photos, you know? So, whoever asks for pictures of their feet like this is probably a foot fetish person (as we call those who have a foot fetish).

Today, I’m going to explain everything about this desire for feet, what their types are and what foot fetish people are looking for , with tips for you to stimulate your partnership or stimulate yourself, if you really like this part of the body.

Possible causes of foot fetish

woman-sittingFetishes are desires you have for objects or other situations that give you pleasure. Sexual ones activate our sexual pleasure and can be as different and unusual as possible. BDSM , for example, can fall into this category, there are people who have a fetish for sadomasochistic fantasies, restraints and practices.

Feet are also targets of fetish and quite often, perhaps more than you can imagine. A survey in 2021, showed that this was the 16th most searched fetish on Google that year in Brazil. Still, many studies show that men (cisgender) are the ones who most have this desire for feet.

Meet another very popular fetish: Golden Rain: Learn all about this sexual fetish .
There are those who argue that this fetish can form in childhood without an initial sexual content , but with an affective history for someone’s feet or shoes. Still, being at someone’s feet can be a point of pleasure for foot poopers who get turned on by submission as well.

For psychologist Michelle Sampaio, in an interview, this fetish could also indicate difficulty in relationships with people , so that the fetishist clings to the member during the relationship.

Types of foot fetish: know the manifestations of the fetish

strap on sexy feetThe types of foot fetishes are differentiated according to the practices that foot fetishists follow to feel pleasure. There are those who like to see it, to smell it, to masturbate… Anyway, there is no shortage of ways to explore foot foot fetish and each one has its name. Today, most of them are in English, but I’ll translate for you:

Foot worship

This is the idolatry of the foot, in a very literal translation. There are people who are excited by the veneration of the foot, which happens through admiration, kisses, licks, smells . The person does not make the touches because they in themselves excite him, but because of what they represent, this admiration itself.

Within this idolatry, there are people who are encouraged with some restrictions, which may vary from one to another. For example, there are people who worship feet with well manicured, painted nails, you know? And other people just like clean and soft feet, but don’t care about nail polish. On the other hand, there are those who really like sweaty feet and even with feet, because they are excited by the smell too.

Foot submission (foot submission )

In some places you can find this term as “foot slavor”, the idea is the same: feel excitement with masochistic practices with the foot . This goes into BDSM a lot, which I mentioned at the beginning, remember? The person likes to be stepped on, to have his … Read more

My feelings that discuss why I love to hang around with grown up and sensual cheap escorts in London

heathrow escorts - young and sexy

I take a trip a lot around the work due to the fact that of my work and if you will ask my house address, then I would state I don’t have any. I would not say I do not have a house, but I don’t have any home as I reside in hotels only. Nevertheless, I keep coming to London once again and again and I invest a minimum of one week in a month in this beautiful and erotic city. Simply put I can likewise state that London is the only city like home for me at this time.

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Teasing Naked Latin escortLikewise, when I date with cheap escorts in London, then I require to pay just an extremely percentage to them. Here, I am not saying that I do not have a great deal of money, but I am making that money for myself with really tough efforts and I dislike to offer it to anybody else with no good factor. So, I can say this is another good factor that encourages me to date with sexual and grown up professional ladies in this stunning city compared to women from other cities working in the exact same occupation.

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Most typical fetish that cheap escorts face with hot

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