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Fucking my mother’s girlfriend

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Back then, I was just 18 years old and dreamed of breasts, pussies and asses.

Unfortunately, however, I had no practical experience except that I sometimes saw my older sister, at the age of 17, scurrying into the bathroom with only light clothes on. Mother’s breast, at the time she was 41, on the other hand, could be clearly seen through her blouses and sweaters.

When I was jerking off , I often imagined these breasts naked and then I got a boner.

Sure, I wasn’t that well developed, but the first fluff on my eggs was sprouting and a small tuft of hair could already be seen above my tail .

When I was indulging in my thoughts one afternoon and just massaging my dick in the toilet while looking at the naked girls in the ‘Neue Revue’, the doorbell rang.

I quickly pulled up my pants, pushed my cock, which had just become a bit stiff, into my underpants and wedged myself into my jeans. With a little pressure I also got the zipper closed.

I ran to the front door and opened it.

In front of the door stood a woman with dark, almost black hair and a travel bag under her arm. She smiled attractively and introduced herself as Anneliese and my mother’s friend .

“You can call me Anni”, I heard her say and her warm voice was immediately pleasant to me.

At first I was perplexed, because in front of me there was a woman around 50 who looked at me directly and openly with her gray-green eyes; and a smile played around the freshly red painted lips. I eyed her and discovered that her blouse was stretching a lot at the front.

“Well, don’t you want to let me in?” She said, tearing me out of my thoughts.

Of course I let her into our house.

When father came home later, Anni was first hugged by him as a greeting and I could see father laughing and hugging Anni and her great breasts. Well, my old man clearly liked that.

When mother came back from the city from shopping, the greeting was of course warm and both women kissed each other deeply on the mouth. Did I see right? Anni shoved her tongue briefly into mother’s mouth and they were honest friends again.

Then dinner came and my … Read more

Erotic adventure with the neighbour

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My name is Peter. I’m in my early twenties, the age when every healthy young man wakes up with a stiff cock every morning and starts the day jerking off extensively . When the adventures with my neighbour, which I will tell you about, began, my girlfriend had just left me and so I lived alone with my penis and my hands in my little student dorm in Berlin. I was well stocked with jerk-off templates: porn magazines, videos and an account, but my fantasies about jerking off always ended up in hot games with my girlfriend.

She was a full-figured woman with luscious tits and in my fantasies she had wonderful fleshy, hairy labia between her powerful thighs, which I pampered with hands, tongue and penis, sometimes hard and sometimes tenderly, next to her tits. Unfortunately, it was always just fantasies about sex with her. I could only imagine my longing desires while jerking off and then write them down in stories, which I then uploaded. One day I was sitting in front of the laptop with my pants down, I was horny at pictures of mature women with big sagging tits and was about to cum when the phone rang.

“Yes, hello?” I called reluctantly. “Peter, this is your neighbour Susanne. I have a problem: I locked myself out when I was about to get the newspaper from the mailbox. You have a spare key. I’m one floor up with the neighbour. Can you come quickly please Please !! ”I had to grin“ can you come quickly ”- if neighbour Susanne had known that I had my cock in my hand and was about to orgasm … I calmed her down, jerked off to the end, now with a naked neighbour Susanne my mind’s eye, and drove off.

Susanne is in her late 40s and divorced. She lives in a 3-room apartment above me and has a part-time job “in an office”. I don’t know any more details. She has beautiful, wavy, dark-blonde hair, green eyes and full lips with decent make-up. She prefers to wear costumes and high-necked blouses, so one has to guess what kind of physical charms are hidden underneath. I occasionally helped her with small chores around the house, and we have recently started talking. When I got upstairs I rang the neighbour’s doorbell.

An attractive middle-aged woman answered the door. She said in … Read more

Hanna the mature seduction


A bit with a story, because only fucking gets boring after a while. From a certain age with a certain waist circumference and after long years of marriage and two children who take any fun out of sex, I actually ended up with the topic apart from traditional sex. Yes, the young things in the sauna or at the lake. Nice to look at and already felt a bit of pleasure, but they already had their friends with them and some of them were already doing it unabashedly on the beach or in the relaxation room of the sauna.

Of course it turns on and on days like this my wife is especially happy because I usually attack her and we have old, classically beautiful sex. But then I was taught better. I once again drove my little one to her club, where, as is customary, the parents are involved and actually run the shop. So today too. Behind the counter stood a good friend whom I had known from the club for a long time.

He, young in his early 30s with a well-built body, had his new girlfriend with him today and helped with the serving. After a short chat we got into a conversation, to which his new flame simply sat down. Silvia was in her late twenties, had long blonde hair and was beautifully slim with small breasts and a nice “cracking butt”. After the first sampling, I ticked off the topic as a nice dream and focused on my friend again. In the course of the day I saw a few glances from Silvia as she was looking at me.

Later my little one came and we went on our way again. A week later there was a small party in the club and I had to go there alone with my little one because my junior had to go to another date. Once there, I sit down at a free table and inspected the arriving people and visitors. Again and again someone brought me a beer or a shandy so that there was never a lack of conversation or drinks. When I got bored, my boyfriend came with his girlfriend and sat down with me.

When Frank got up later to get food and more drinks, the conversation at the table stopped. But little by little we realized that we had the same … Read more

Great sauna experience

Hot Mature Lady

A few months ago I was in another city for work. Fortunately, my employer had paid me a decent hotel with a spa and sauna. I like to go there, on the one hand to relax, on the other hand – I admit it! – because I like to see naked people. I find it interesting to see women who are naked in a non-sexual context, who therefore act completely normal and for whom being naked becomes something natural at this moment.

They would never run around naked anywhere else. If I were at home with these completely normal people and said, “Come on, we’ll all undress, there’s nothing wrong”, then they would probably kick me out. I think it’s sharp to see that Uschi from next door really is shaved bare; that secretary Manu grabbed her legs while showering; that Aunt Gerda is aggressively running around naked and obviously having fun; and that there is always one or the other woman who likes to show herself naked and also tries to be tense by men.

photo-sexy-mature-womanI often imagine how women I see in everyday life look naked, how they are shaved, what their pussy looks like. Here I can see it, of course.

I imagine that most women don’t notice how I look at them. I’m really trying to make it very subtle. I don’t walk past them conspicuously, I don’t stare, I don’t follow anyone. When I’m in the sauna and a woman is sitting there so that I can see her cunt, I always do it with one movement.

I sit down differently and briefly look at their cunts. Or I walk past a shower that a woman is standing under, grab my towel hanging there and catch a glimpse between her thighs. Pussies! Something wonderful! And every woman has one!

So I was in the hotel’s sauna area in the evening. It wasn’t too busy, maybe eight people in total in the whole complex. There were two sauna cabins, but first I lay down on one of the loungers and relaxed a little.

Then a woman entered the wellness area that I noticed immediately. She was in her mid-forties, blond, and well-proportioned. I noticed her because as soon as she came through the front door, she opened her bathrobe and took it off after a few steps. Usually people – especially women – come in … Read more