An incredibly hot fuck


A little story from him: After a few years in England, homesickness drove me back home. I wasn’t supposed to start my new job for two months and since I didn’t want to touch the savings, I decided to look for a part-time job. A little frustrated by my partner at the time and actually already having the separation in my head, I didn’t care where, when or as what I was supposed to work; the main thing is away, and always for a long time.

After a short thought, the idea occurred to me to revive my old profession during my studies and work as a bartender. On the one hand, because it was night. In this way, I was able to combine my part-time job and my future job for at least a while, and earn some extra money so that I could set up my new apartment as a future single. In addition, it is not the worst thing to work in a discotheque to start flirting one or the other and to work where others party and have fun.

The right opportunity was quickly found. Not far from where I live, Oberhausen Centro, was a disco that had an age-appropriate audience, since I was also less than 20 years old. An agreement was quickly reached and I started the job. It was probably not as easy as I had imagined it to be. But it worked. I quickly became familiar with one or the other female guest and I enjoyed the attention of those who wanted to have a drink mixed for themselves.

studio-shot-of-beautiful-mature-woman-with-blondeOne evening, it was a Saturday when the place wasn’t too full, the three of us stood behind the bar and were able to have a little chat with colleagues between quite relaxed, sometimes boring work and smoke a cigarette or two in between. Since we were quite absorbed in our conversation, we actually had no idea who was entering the disco and when. We only processed our few orders and kept talking.

When my two colleagues wanted to smoke a cigarette too, I was forced to take care of the bar. I started to clean the counter a little and had thoughts returned to my private life, with which I was not at all satisfied. Frustrated, bored with the arguments, no sex for weeks, and if so, it was just so that I wouldn’t have to lend a hand at the moment. But the evening should help.

When I was wiping the counter almost lethargically, a female guest suddenly stood in front of me. I looked up, smiled … She smiled and said, “A Bacardi-Cola”. And I said, completely astonished, overwhelmed by the sight and completely sexually underserved: “… and I’ll still fuck you today”. “Oh shit,” I thought to myself. “What did you just say?” Boss behind you, strange woman, no idea whether she had her husband or boyfriend with her. To my luck and astonishment, she replied to my thesis in which she replied: “ok, let’s see.

“And smiled. And so she had me under her spell. She was about 1.65-1.70 m tall, high heels in patent leather, skin-tight jeans in which a really luscious ass was depicted, a relatively slim waist, a tummy that I just like in women, and as a top she wore a corsage, who really showed off their oversized tits . Horny sucking tits that only women who have already been pregnant have. She was around her mid-30s and later introduced herself as “Bina”.

A woman as I like it. Lush, no model mass, but pure sex. She was out with her sister and friend that evening. Since the three were not in my area, I had a lot to do in the vicinity of Bina from that moment on. I also got to know her companions quickly and of course they always ordered their drinks from me. Of course I gave you a long drink or two on the house (you may forgive me in retrospect).

And all three could take a lot. When I went to Bina one more time, I stood in front of her and asked whether it would continue to be that we would still do it today. She gave me a really hot French kiss, which immediately stirred my cock . Then she told me she was really into it. She wanted to talk to her friend if we could see her since she had her husband with two children at home.

A little later she signaled to me that she had settled everything. Perfect. That would be awesome. And so I couldn’t wait to finish my work, especially since the three of them changed places about an hour before I finished work. They went to a neighboring bar, where we also arranged to meet. When we got there later, we had another nightcap. In between we withdrew to a quiet corner and kissed hotly. Your sister shouldn’t necessarily know what we were planning.

Always with me just in case, I thought to myself that I could take my Viagra emergency pill after all. I somehow suspected that it would be worth it that night. Shortly afterwards we started our journey home. The official statement was that I was taken on the way home. Contrary to all common sense, Bina drove a car . With a stupid reason we brought her sister home first so that she wouldn’t notice. Bina, her friend and I drove to her friend’s home.

Another Bacardi-Cola, and then we went into the bedroom. She sat on the bed and immediately unbuttoned my pants. Even without the support of Viagra, my bulging strap immediately jumped out of my pants, which she immediately put in her mouth. She sucked and sucked something of skill on my part that I have to control myself badly not to squirt into her throat. We quickly exposed ourselves and began to fuck.

She left her corsage on, but exposed her oversized udders. The sight turned me on completely. In addition, her shaved cunt, with beautiful strong labia. I lay down next to her on the bed, spread her legs and rammed my prick into her dripping cunt. She groaned. Slowly at first, to explore every inch of her crevice. Your Fotzenlappen nestled against my shaft when you moved. Then with the bumps getting harder and harder, I fucked her to her first orgasm of the night.

And it shouldn’t have been the last. Then I turned her over, pushed three fingers into her pussy and realized that there was a lot more that could fit into it. It was practiced very well and without further ado I took my whole hand. She really enjoyed being filled out. I licked her rosette . Now my plump and veined tail should be used again. I pulled my hand out of the wet grotto. My hand was wet and Bina’s cunt apparently found the treatment so hot that she had really juiced during it, because it ran out of her column.

I was about to start again at her column with my cock, because she reached behind her and pushed my prick to the entrance of your asshole. I just thought this is the moment I want to die. Hammer. Already moistened from licking, I pushed my glans through the rosette, which was remarkably easy. It was probably not the first time. I was able to immediately fuck her ass with hard thrusts.

To my amazement she got away with it. We drove and fucked what felt like an eternity in all possible positions, until I couldn’t stop my cream. At that point, at the latest, it would be appropriate to clarify whether she is using contraception or whatever. But following her hot look, I shot her my proper load of semen into her mature and juicy cunt. For a moment I expected her to make at least one small accusation, but she only took three fingers, ran them through her pussy and licked the mixed juice from her fingers with my cum .

Insanity. An incredibly hot fuck, which Bina also confirmed to me. I lay down next to her, played her a little with my hand on her plum and we talked. Shit, there was a knock on the door. Your friend was still there too. Bina called out to her that we would be out soon. So she offered me that her friend would only let us have her apartment, or rather the bedroom, if she too could fuck with me.

I figured this was some stupid joke or some kind of test that women might come up with to see if they were the only ones to be keen on. As it turned out, it was completely serious. Her friend was a completely different type of woman, not so attractive to me and rather without clear curves. But well, I thought to myself. With the little blue miracle I had, in wise providence, made sure that I didn’t need any lead time and I agreed.

But I would much rather have had the second attempt together with Bina. But the two must have agreed it that way. And so the two changed their places and I fucked her friend. She should also get her money’s worth, whereby I only imagined Bina. When I left I exchanged phone numbers with Bina and it shouldn’t have been our last night.

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