Erotic adventure with the neighbour

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My name is Peter. I’m in my early twenties, the age when every healthy young man wakes up with a stiff cock every morning and starts the day jerking off extensively . When the adventures with my neighbour, which I will tell you about, began, my girlfriend had just left me and so I lived alone with my penis and my hands in my little student dorm in Berlin. I was well stocked with jerk-off templates: porn magazines, videos and an account, but my fantasies about jerking off always ended up in hot games with my girlfriend.

She was a full-figured woman with luscious tits and in my fantasies she had wonderful fleshy, hairy labia between her powerful thighs, which I pampered with hands, tongue and penis, sometimes hard and sometimes tenderly, next to her tits. Unfortunately, it was always just fantasies about sex with her. I could only imagine my longing desires while jerking off and then write them down in stories, which I then uploaded. One day I was sitting in front of the laptop with my pants down, I was horny at pictures of mature women with big sagging tits and was about to cum when the phone rang.

“Yes, hello?” I called reluctantly. “Peter, this is your neighbour Susanne. I have a problem: I locked myself out when I was about to get the newspaper from the mailbox. You have a spare key. I’m one floor up with the neighbour. Can you come quickly please Please !! ”I had to grin“ can you come quickly ”- if neighbour Susanne had known that I had my cock in my hand and was about to orgasm … I calmed her down, jerked off to the end, now with a naked neighbour Susanne my mind’s eye, and drove off.

Susanne is in her late 40s and divorced. She lives in a 3-room apartment above me and has a part-time job “in an office”. I don’t know any more details. She has beautiful, wavy, dark-blonde hair, green eyes and full lips with decent make-up. She prefers to wear costumes and high-necked blouses, so one has to guess what kind of physical charms are hidden underneath. I occasionally helped her with small chores around the house, and we have recently started talking. When I got upstairs I rang the neighbour’s doorbell.

An attractive middle-aged woman answered the door. She said in a smoky voice: “You are probably Peter. Come in, your neighbor is waiting. “Susanne, was sitting at a small coffee table in the living room. There were two champagne glasses on the table. Susanne’s outfit amazed me: she wore a silk dressing gown, white nylon stockings and high-heeled shoes. In contrast to the rest of the time, she was heavily made up and had a heavy perfume on. When she got up, the dressing gown slipped apart, revealing her well-rounded breasts and thighs.

My eyes almost fell out of my head – Susanne wasn’t wearing panties. She quickly closed her dressing gown and blushed when she saw my questioning look. “Come on,” she said, “we don’t want to hold up Rebecca any longer. “And she gave Rebecca a quick kiss and went to the door. Her ample buttocks swayed beneath the dressing gown. Rebecca shook my hand, held it a little longer than usual, looked deep into my eyes and whispered in a sonorous voice: “So you are the famous Peter.

It’s nice that we both met once. “And as you go out, she accidentally brushes her hand over my pants. I unlocked with the spare key and was about to leave when Susanne said: “Come in a moment. “And I went into the living room behind her. Here, too, there were two glasses of Prosecco on a small table. A screensaver circled on the television screen. There was a bath towel on the couch. Obviously Susanne had had a leisurely morning.

Alone or with a visitor? She said she wanted to change clothes in the bedroom for a moment. As she passed the TV table, she accidentally touched the remote control and suddenly the screen saver disappeared and a naked couple could be seen on the matte sheath in unambiguous clasps. Susanne was frightened and turned red. She stammered, “Oh, what’s that?” I said dryly, “A porn movie. Susanne – tell me! ”Susanne went to the couch, took the towel away and motioned me to sit next to her.

Then she took my hand and told the story. “You know Peter, it started long before I got divorced. After the first few years our sex became boring for Max, my husband. He always wanted new games. At some point, anal or oral intercourse was no longer enough for him, then he wanted role-playing games and in the end he brought strange men with him. And when I refused, he cheated more and more until one day he found a hooker who did what he asked of her and he left me.

“Susanne put her hand on my thigh. “And I’ve been lonely ever since. I don’t want a solid bond anymore, but loneliness is also stressful. I have my neighbour Rebecca to talk to, but sometimes I miss… ”Susanne hesitated:“… I miss a strong man with a hard member who takes me hard or tenderly. “Susanne’s hand cramped in my thigh and slid higher and higher. “Do you understand me a little? You’re still young, but you’re alone after your girlfriend left you.

What do you do when you feel lonely? ”I hesitated for a moment. Then I grabbed my heart and said, “I’m jerking off! I just do it myself. But of course it’s nicer as a couple. “Susanne swallowed. She took my hand and put it under her dressing gown. I felt her luscious warm soft tits and a hot shiver ran through my body. “Peter” stammered Susanne “I would love to see you masturbate.

I love to watch the sperm squirt out of the glans! Please do your neighbour a favour! ”I was completely confused: this decent woman wanted to watch me jerk off !! But since one of her hands had meanwhile wandered into my crotch and her wonderful tits made me completely horny, I didn’t let myself be asked for long and unbuttoned my pants and took out my prick, which had now reached its full length and strength.

With slow movements I began to work on my cock. The glans was already dripping and the tail was plump and hot. I couldn’t believe my eyes: Susanne had leaned back and was now half stretched out on the couch with her legs apart. She opened her dressing gown, rubbed her pink labia with one hand and let her magnificent tits sway over her chest, with both hands she pulled her labia apart and presented me her shiny wet cunt, which pulsed and trembled slightly in deep scarlet red between her thighs .

Susanne stretched out her leg until the foot touched my balls and caressed it tenderly. My jerking movements got faster and faster. Susanne’s eyes now had a great bedroom look. Her full red lips parted and exposed her tongue between her white teeth, with which she ran lustfully over her lips. Then Susanne began to rub her cunt. Every now and then two fingers slipped between her swollen labia and she licked the cunt slime with relish.

So we masturbated and increased each other to the highest pleasure. I was about to cum and the orgasm was announced with gasps, grunts and rolled eyes when Susanne screamed: “Stop! Wait for me you horny wanker! ”And like a snake she slid with her soft tits over my body, swept my hand from my cock and snapped my glans with her full lips. She slid her hot mouth up and down on my stand, sucked, sucked, bit tenderly and scratched my balls with one hand.

She had sunk the other hand in her cunt and continued to masturbate wildly. Her whole body shook. Now and then she uttered screams, sometimes like a child, sometimes like an animal. Her sweaty body turned back and forth on top of me. I grunted: “Susanne, it’s coming !! I inject ”and the first load went down her throat, then she pulled my cock out of her mouth and spilled the rearguard on her tits. With her cum-smeared mouth she kissed me and growled fervently: “And now lick me! Put your tongue deep in my cunt and taste my cunt juice! Come on! Schleck !! “and she pressed my mouth on her blood-red cunt and I bit her clitoris tenderly, sucked on her labia and licked the juice out of her cunt with my hot stiff tongue.

Suddenly Susanne reared up, uttered a primal scream, vibrated all over her body and then collapsed unconscious. After a while she woke up, curled up like a baby, and started whimpering. I was startled and took her in my arms to comfort her. But Susanne whispered: “It was sooo nice. Sooo nice. Please hold me tight, I want to feel your closeness. Again and again!! Do it with me again and again !! “.

And we lay down for a while and promised ourselves many erotic adventures that should give us a lot of pleasure. After a few minutes there was three quick knocks on the door. Obviously an agreed sign. Susanne opened her eyes lazily and asked: “Peter, may I show you another sweet secret?” And without waiting for the answer, she opened the door with her dressing gown open. Entered – Rebecca. Rebecca was slim and black-haired, her hair tied in a tight bun at the back of her head.

She wore a bodice from which her big breasts bulged, a black thong and leather boots. She made a very strict erotic impression. Rebecca smiled diabolically: “I thought so. Susanne has often told me that she lacks a husband and that her fantasies often revolve around her Peter. “I was completely confused: there I was sitting naked with a semi-rigid tail and was surrounded by two attractive women, one as God made her and the other in a hot outfit.

Sexy Mature WomanRebecca now went to my neighbour and giggled: “You will find out about it and at some point – Susanne and I like each other very much and often play with each other. “And already she stuck her tongue in Susanne’s mouth and the two let their tongues circle around each other. Susanne played on Rebecca’s tits and Rebecca on Susanne’s cunt. Then Rebecca let go of Susanne, looked at her, pointed to me and asked “May I?” Susanne smiled mischievously and nodded.

Rebecca approached me. The dark red lacquered pointed nails of her right hand went up my leg, pressed on the inside of the thigh, went higher and higher, clawed around my scrotum and squeezed carefully. Like an electric current it ran through me and my cock shot from its semi-rigid to a hard, fully erect stature and a lustful moan came out of my mouth. Rebecca smiled at Susanne: “You see, he has an interesting weakness for slight pain.

That is very nice. “Then she said to Susanne:“ Do we want to initiate him? ”Susanne nodded. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. Rebecca followed us. And then I learned all the joys that mature women can teach a docile young man.

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