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foot fetish

Foot fetish is pretty common, you know? If you don’t have it, it may seem strange, but it’s super normal to feel sexual attraction and arousal from your feet. Foot fetish, as this type of fetish is called, became better known (or perhaps came to light) with the story of the “foot pack”, remember?

With the internet and the popularization of social networks in recent years, many people, even famous, began to receive proposals for money for photo packages of the feet, which many considered a good deal because they do not consider intimate photos, you know? So, whoever asks for pictures of their feet like this is probably a foot fetish person (as we call those who have a foot fetish).

Today, I’m going to explain everything about this desire for feet, what their types are and what foot fetish people are looking for , with tips for you to stimulate your partnership or stimulate yourself, if you really like this part of the body.

Possible causes of foot fetish

woman-sittingFetishes are desires you have for objects or other situations that give you pleasure. Sexual ones activate our sexual pleasure and can be as different and unusual as possible. BDSM , for example, can fall into this category, there are people who have a fetish for sadomasochistic fantasies, restraints and practices.

Feet are also targets of fetish and quite often, perhaps more than you can imagine. A survey in 2021, showed that this was the 16th most searched fetish on Google that year in Brazil. Still, many studies show that men (cisgender) are the ones who most have this desire for feet.

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There are those who argue that this fetish can form in childhood without an initial sexual content , but with an affective history for someone’s feet or shoes. Still, being at someone’s feet can be a point of pleasure for foot poopers who get turned on by submission as well.

For psychologist Michelle Sampaio, in an interview, this fetish could also indicate difficulty in relationships with people , so that the fetishist clings to the member during the relationship.

Types of foot fetish: know the manifestations of the fetish

strap on sexy feetThe types of foot fetishes are differentiated according to the practices that foot fetishists follow to feel pleasure. There are those who like to see it, to smell it, to masturbate… Anyway, there is no shortage of ways to explore foot foot fetish and each one has its name. Today, most of them are in English, but I’ll translate for you:

Foot worship

This is the idolatry of the foot, in a very literal translation. There are people who are excited by the veneration of the foot, which happens through admiration, kisses, licks, smells . The person does not make the touches because they in themselves excite him, but because of what they represent, this admiration itself.

Within this idolatry, there are people who are encouraged with some restrictions, which may vary from one to another. For example, there are people who worship feet with well manicured, painted nails, you know? And other people just like clean and soft feet, but don’t care about nail polish. On the other hand, there are those who really like sweaty feet and even with feet, because they are excited by the smell too.

Foot submission (foot submission )

In some places you can find this term as “foot slavor”, the idea is the same: feel excitement with masochistic practices with the foot . This goes into BDSM a lot, which I mentioned at the beginning, remember? The person likes to be stepped on, to have his foot in the face, or to be put in his mouth “by force” (remembering that BDSM is still something allowed).

Foot gagging

hot legsIn this case, the person not only wants the foot to be placed in their mouth, but for it to go as deep as possible, to reach the throat to have the sensation of choking, or filling – you know the deep throat grip ? It’s less deep because it’s a foot, but it’s also challenging. Ah, this practice also relates a little to sadomasochistic sex.

Foot slapping (foot slapping )

There are those who think that a tap doesn’t hurt and many of these people like these tapas to be with their foot (they are not kicks). The proposal is often for the person to have their hands tied and take “slaps” from the partner’s foot on the body (even on the face).

Masturbation with the foot ( foot job )

That name is better known than the others probably. In this case, the person likes to be masturbated with the partner’s foot, whether it’s a handjob or stimulating the clitoris. The practice itself can be a little challenging for those who are active because it requires certain motor skills and control of the feet and legs .

“Clothes” for the foot ( foot “clothes” )

foot fetish sexyAnd it’s not just the foot naturally or in motion that excites those with foot fetishes. In fact, there are many foot fetish who are stirred up with shoes on. High heels are at the top of the list of shoes that sexually instigate those who like feet , but they are not the limit. The possibilities are many and, sometimes, the person wants to see actions with the shoes: putting them on, tying them, taking them off…

Even socks can come into play and this type can be combined with the olfactory attraction, generating different stimuli for those who like it.

These are some of the types of foot fetishes, in practice, there are several possibilities of ways for this desire to manifest and be satiated, so maybe you didn’t find yourself directly in these examples, but related to one(s). If you’re not sure if you fit, let’s move on to the next topic.

How do I know if I’m a podiatrist?

Beautiful womanFirst of all, I think it’s important to highlight one point: it’s okay to have a foot fetish. In fact, most fetishes are pretty quiet (and common, even if you don’t talk about them). The problem exists when our desire impacts another person without consent – ​​if there is no consent, nothing can really be good.

That said, if you’re in doubt whether you’re a foot fetish or not, it’s worth asking yourself a few questions:

  1. Can I get turned on just by touching someone else’s feet?
  2. If someone’s foot isn’t the way I think it’s beautiful, will it lessen my desire?
  3. Is the foot one of the first parts of the body I notice in someone I’m flirting with?
  4. Do I have sex dreams about feet?
  5. Does thinking and imagining stimuli with my feet excite me?

Just because you answered “yes” to one question or another doesn’t mean you are necessarily a foot podologist, but the positive answer to several or all of them can be a strong indication of that. To really understand yourself, you need to look inside yourself, revisit sexual experiences you’ve had and focus on the feet issue.

How can I say I have a foot fetish?

sexy feetAs with everything in a relationship, honest and respectful conversation is ideal to talk about our desires and fears when it comes to sex. If you want to tell your partner that you’re a foot abuser, but feel ashamed or afraid of the reaction, how about doing it as a joke? A game of truth or dare, for example, can help create a climate where you feel more comfortable sharing this information.

The idea of ​​asking spicy questions for the partnership is very cool to warm up the atmosphere and for you to get to know each other better, so it can be a good way out for you.

Another way is to test or ask for foot stimulation during sex. Start with more casual things like a massage, kissing, and touching and notice the person’s reactions. Also ask her to do it, if you like, and understand if it works or not. Respecting each other’s limits during sex, it’s easy to chat about it later , ask what the person thought, if she was comfortable and talk about her desires too.

With good sincere and empathetic conversation, it’s easy for them to find a middle ground between you, and who knows, you might even find that your partner likes feet like you too.

Stimuli for those with foot fetishes

Now, if you know your partner has a foot fetish and you want to surprise or please her even more in bed, know that it’s also easy. But before actually deciding what to do, it is important that you know what types of stimuli she likes , so I suggest you go back to the topic “Types of foot fetishes” to understand some possibilities and, again, talk to her to get to the conclusions.

foot fetishOnce you know this, it’s easy to adopt simple practices to encourage a foot fetish:

  • For those who like clean and well-made feet, a good pedicure will do the trick. Explore moisturizing creams and choose colors he likes;
  • Now, if your partner prefers “more natural” feet, you don’t have to stop by a salon, getting home and letting the person enjoy your feet as they are can be amazing right now;
  • Try to revolutionize the spicy photos and leave the feet in evidence, you can surprise your partner during a busy day of work;
  • In foreplay, offer a good foot massage or do the opposite: prepare your feet for an erotic massage;
  • It’s also worth caressing your partner’s body with your feet, playing with both your toes and the sole of the foot and nails.

These are just a few ideas, let the creativity flow to explore foot fetish with your partner. If you talk and find the space of comfort and pleasure for both of you, you will surely have moments of indescribable pleasure.

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