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A few months ago I was in another city for work. Fortunately, my employer had paid me a decent hotel with a spa and sauna. I like to go there, on the one hand to relax, on the other hand – I admit it! – because I like to see naked people. I find it interesting to see women who are naked in a non-sexual context, who therefore act completely normal and for whom being naked becomes something natural at this moment.

They would never run around naked anywhere else. If I were at home with these completely normal people and said, “Come on, we’ll all undress, there’s nothing wrong”, then they would probably kick me out. I think it’s sharp to see that Uschi from next door really is shaved bare; that secretary Manu grabbed her legs while showering; that Aunt Gerda is aggressively running around naked and obviously having fun; and that there is always one or the other woman who likes to show herself naked and also tries to be tense by men.

photo-sexy-mature-womanI often imagine how women I see in everyday life look naked, how they are shaved, what their pussy looks like. Here I can see it, of course.

I imagine that most women don’t notice how I look at them. I’m really trying to make it very subtle. I don’t walk past them conspicuously, I don’t stare, I don’t follow anyone. When I’m in the sauna and a woman is sitting there so that I can see her cunt, I always do it with one movement.

I sit down differently and briefly look at their cunts. Or I walk past a shower that a woman is standing under, grab my towel hanging there and catch a glimpse between her thighs. Pussies! Something wonderful! And every woman has one!

So I was in the hotel’s sauna area in the evening. It wasn’t too busy, maybe eight people in total in the whole complex. There were two sauna cabins, but first I lay down on one of the loungers and relaxed a little.

Then a woman entered the wellness area that I noticed immediately. She was in her mid-forties, blond, and well-proportioned. I noticed her because as soon as she came through the front door, she opened her bathrobe and took it off after a few steps. Usually people – especially women – come in with a towel or bathrobe tied on and only take them off at the last moment: when they are already standing in front of the shower.

I read that this woman didn’t do that as the joy of being naked, of showing and being seen.

She had a wonderful figure. Her pussy was partially shaved, there were only a few hairs to be seen, as blonde as the hair on her head. A well-established woman in her prime, obviously also self-confident and aware of her effect on men. I thought that was hot.

She walked past me, took a shower, and then disappeared. Well, let’s see, I thought.

You don’t run after it straight away. After ten minutes I thought: Well, now it’s time to go to the sauna. I took my things and went to the smaller of the two saunas. Inside were two men of about fifty and – indeed! – the woman from earlier. When I said hello, the men grunted a greeting. But the woman looked me straight in the eye and said “Hello!” In a tone as if we knew each other.

Aha, I thought. That’s going to be a good start.

I spread my towel and sit down. The men talked about business and colleagues: the tailor from marketing, the customer appointment at one company, the figures for the first quarter. Stupid dumbbells. This is a sauna and not the on-board bistro from the ICE.

The woman acted indifferently and sat there with her eyes and legs closed. Hm. Maybe I was wrong after all and your greeting was nothing more than a greeting.

After two minutes, the men went out with wiggling shriveled penises.

As soon as I was alone with her in the sauna, she did something that almost made my eyes fall out of my head: she pulled her legs up and put them on the bench to the left and right of her so that I could fully see her cunt could. Directly across from me. Her eyes were still closed, but she pressed her lips together very lightly and exhaled.

An expression of wellbeing on the face. Or even excitement?

Age! I thought. That must be on purpose. She really wanted me to look into her crotch. She had a dream pussy. Slightly hairy but smooth on the lips. A nice slit from which the inner labia peeped out a bit, but not too strong. Across from me sat this mature woman with a pussy of a twenty year old and presented everything to me! It was too late now and I got a hard one straight away.

Fuck! Cool! What do I do now? I looked through the glass door, there was no one outside. From the outside it was difficult to see in anyway and it looked as if this part of the complex was empty at the moment. I couldn’t help myself and started to jerk off lightly . O God! I can’t just jerk off in the sauna like that. My cock was now rock hard and stood out from me.

Then it happened: she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at me.

I quickly took my hand off the tail in shock, but I couldn’t hide it. She exhaled audibly, smiled at me and said: “Well? Are you jerking off after me? ”

Oh fuck! Now she got me. On the other hand, if she had been really shocked, she would have reacted differently now. Probably it provoked all of this after all? I gave it a go.

“Um … nope,” I said in a mixture of irony and defensive stance.

“It’s a shame,” she said and smiled. OK! It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

“Hmm, well … a little,” I said, a little embarrassed.

“A little is good,” she said. “Your tail is really hard. ”

O God! How does this hot woman talk to me.

“Well … when you’re sitting here like this. I’m not made of stone either. ”

“Oh I see? You’ve been looking at me the whole time, have you? ”

Now she ran her tongue over her lips.

Oj! I would have loved to have hosed off immediately.

“You couldn’t be overlooked,” I said.

“Then I want to show you something,” she said, slowly running both hands into her crotch and pulling her labia apart.

“Wow, cool!” Was all I could say. I was about to burst.

“N / A? Do you like to watch women’s cunts? ”She said and began to rub her clit lightly.

I especially like to see that when women caress each other’s pussy.

“Yes,” I moaned. “That makes me horny. ”

“Yes?” She breathed and continued rubbing her hot cunt.

“Take a look,” she said. “Take a look at my pussy. ”

“You want that, don’t you?” I said.

“Sure, of course! I’m only here to show young men my pussy and make them horny with it. ”

“Oah, that’s awesome.

I can’t take it, “was all I could say and jerked myself hard.

She felt that I meant it exactly as I had said it, began to rub her cunt hard and said: “Come on, cum. ”

It was too late by then. It hit me hard. I felt like my head was bursting. I shot a sperm fountain on the sauna floor, another and another, and heard her say: “You horny pig!”

When I finished, I fell back on the bench and slumped.

Dude, that was awesome! I lay there for a moment with my eyes closed and first had to collect myself. When I opened my eyes again, she wasn’t finished. She sat there rubbing her cunt and was obviously on the verge of it.

“Am I making you horny?” She said.

“I’ve never seen anything so awesome,” I said.

“You’ve been watching me outside the whole time, haven’t you?”

I knew she wanted to be cheered on now to be able to cum, so I did her a favor.

“Yes, of course. When I saw you outside, I thought: I’ll go after you. Maybe I can see this hot woman’s pussy. ”

“Say cunt,” she grunted while rubbing her hand.

“Your pussy,” I said. “I mean: I wanted to see your pussy. I had already seen it from the front, but then I really wanted to see your slit, so I went after you and thought: maybe I can see your cunt better then.

And you show me too. “

Hot-Adjustable-Halters-Swimming-Bikini-Cheap-2020-Transparent-Crochet-Bikini-Bathing-Suits-Sexy-Mature-Woman-Swimwear“Yes!” She said. By now she had stuck two fingers in, rubbed her clitoris with the other hand and had her mouth wide open and obviously struggling not to moan loudly. Then it came to her too. She shivered, tensed up, and fell sideways on the sauna bench. Breathing heavily, she lay there for a minute. I was so exhausted by the heat that I wanted to leave immediately, but she could have taken that as a refusal and I definitely didn’t want that.

She struggled to recover.

“Hä-hkchm,” she cleared her throat. “Hui. That was awesome. ”

“Oh yes!” I said. “Now I have to cool down. ”

“My head is almost bursting too,” she said.

I got up, took my towel and said, “Wait, I’m going to clear up the mess here” and wanted to wipe my sperm off the wooden slats on the floor.

But she said “No, let’s go”, leaned down, wiped it up with her hand and wiped her hand on her stomach.

“The good stuff,” she said, smiling at me.

I would have loved to say “Oah, you little bastard!” And grab her cunt, but at that moment I thought, maybe I’ll go overboard with it.

“By the way, my name is Anita,” she said when we left the sauna.

We went to the call showers together and cooled off. But that shouldn’t have been the last thing we did together….

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