Hanna the mature seduction


A bit with a story, because only fucking gets boring after a while. From a certain age with a certain waist circumference and after long years of marriage and two children who take any fun out of sex, I actually ended up with the topic apart from traditional sex. Yes, the young things in the sauna or at the lake. Nice to look at and already felt a bit of pleasure, but they already had their friends with them and some of them were already doing it unabashedly on the beach or in the relaxation room of the sauna.

Of course it turns on and on days like this my wife is especially happy because I usually attack her and we have old, classically beautiful sex. But then I was taught better. I once again drove my little one to her club, where, as is customary, the parents are involved and actually run the shop. So today too. Behind the counter stood a good friend whom I had known from the club for a long time.

He, young in his early 30s with a well-built body, had his new girlfriend with him today and helped with the serving. After a short chat we got into a conversation, to which his new flame simply sat down. Silvia was in her late twenties, had long blonde hair and was beautifully slim with small breasts and a nice “cracking butt”. After the first sampling, I ticked off the topic as a nice dream and focused on my friend again. In the course of the day I saw a few glances from Silvia as she was looking at me.

Later my little one came and we went on our way again. A week later there was a small party in the club and I had to go there alone with my little one because my junior had to go to another date. Once there, I sit down at a free table and inspected the arriving people and visitors. Again and again someone brought me a beer or a shandy so that there was never a lack of conversation or drinks. When I got bored, my boyfriend came with his girlfriend and sat down with me.

When Frank got up later to get food and more drinks, the conversation at the table stopped. But little by little we realized that we had the same sense of humor and that we could both gossip about the guests present. Since Frank was also involved in a conversation, Silvia sat around and slid over to me. Again and again I felt her hand trying to draw my attention to different things. Her perfume penetrated my nose and the scent stimulated me.

It was a nice sporty scent that went well with her. When the music started later, Silvia asked me if I didn’t want to dance. Not really, I said, but on the way to the bar I put my arms around her and danced a few bars. At first she was amazed, but then she let herself be guided. She pressed her hips against me and massaged my cock through my pants. With a wink I meant that she has to be careful, otherwise she will stab herself on the jackknife that extends from time to time.

Don’t worry, she laughed, she has the optimal sheath that adapts to all knife blades. Now I was flabbergasted and got out of step too. With a smile I let go of her and got my beer at the bar. Shortly afterwards my little one came running up and we agreed to go home. With a long look at Silvia and a quiet we’ll see each other, I took my little one and went home.

After that day I was all the more happy as I was assigned to the counter service just a week later. I didn’t understand myself anymore. How can such a young, beautiful and horny-looking thing want something from an old goat like me. But thinking has already taken over my tail by this point. When I drove there I was hoping that Silvia would greet me in the clubhouse with a smile. Just the idea made my cock grow bigger.

As always, my little one ran away and so I was able to go straight up to our guest room. Well, deep disappointment, behind the counter there was only Hanna, 63 years old, short and fat, but a super-friendly and personable woman. Everyone loved her, but sex with her was unimaginable. After swallowing twice, I went to her and we filled the counter. When I came out of the basement for the third time, Silvia was suddenly standing behind the counter.

Do you need help? She asked. With a relieved smile, I just nodded and slipped behind her to the refrigerator. When I was behind her, she pushed her butt out a little so that I could feel the firm ass with my cock. To the delight of my cock, which got thicker and harder at the same time. With a little “caution”, I have to go through, I pushed my hips forward and pressed my half-stiff cock to her bottom.

Then I struck twice before going back and continuing on my way. “Ui, there is someone in the mood to work” she laughed and winked at me. “Well, there are jobs, you just have to give everything. “It came back from me promptly. The next time it went on with light banter. Guests came and went and the two of us worked well together as a team. Every now and then we would bump into each other, and each time the tension between us increased.

Fortunately, my little one stayed away during the day, so I didn’t have any further stress here. In a quiet minute we stood together and talked about all kinds of things. Spontaneously I asked what would happen to her and Frank then. She honestly replied that she thought Frank was nice, but she really liked men like me. And since she met me, she would love to sleep with me too. Amazed by so much openness, at first I missed the words, but then came the old stupid sayings again.

I’m way too old and my stomach too…. She laughed and said frankly that she loved that. In the evening she lies in bed and the thought of both of us in bed makes her plum wet. She took my hand and pushed it between her legs. “Feel here, I’m all wet again,” she said. In fact, I felt her heat and also a certain dampness between my legs. Suddenly my cock was hard like never before, and desired outlet.

I withdrew my hand and sniffed it. Silvia got big eyes when I licked her finger afterwards and looked into her eyes and told her that she smells and tastes cool. After no one was in the room, we went to the drinks warehouse and kissed like two primans on a first date. Silvia rubbed my pants and squeezed my cock while I slipped my hand into her jeans and worked my way to her plum.

The closer I got to the crack, the wetter and hotter it got. With my finger I reached her column and felt a nice hot wetness. I rubbed my finger through the crevice a few times and then withdrew my hand to taste the hot juice. Silvia meanwhile began to open my pants and free my cock. I pulled her up and held her hands tight. “I would love to fuck you on the table here, too, until you can no longer walk, but if guests come or someone walks in here, our luck is over.

Silvia looked at me with big eyes and gave me an intense kiss. Her tongue played with mine as if she wanted to fuck me with her tongue as a punishment. I almost got weak and took off my pants and put them on the counter, but I slowly pushed them away and stroked their hair. I’ll take my little one away afterwards and then come to you. If you want, we can have a bite to eat somewhere and talk, I suggested with a grin.

Now Silvia had to laugh too and nodded in the affirmative. She quickly straightened her clothes and I went back into the guest room. At that very moment, new guests came again. The rest of the time went by without incident, except that we stroked each other under the counter again and again. Later my little one came and I packed everything up and brought her home. At home I told them that I had to go back to meet a guest at a techn.

Problem to help with the car . Quickly to the toilet again, washed the tail on the sink and then off to Silvia. She was already standing at her window and waving to me when I pulled up to her. Find a parking space quickly and up to her. I was amazed to find that my cock was already at half past seven and he was looking forward to the date. When I arrived on the first floor, Silvia met me laughing and pulled me straight into her apartment.

To annoy her a bit, I slowly took off my jacket and asked for a hanger and the cloakroom. Silvia poked me in the side and pulled my head down for a kiss. She rubbed my cock with her hip so that it wanted out. Now I picked her up and carried her into the living room. There we sat on the couch, smooching, and let our hands wander. First I felt her body through the clothes, but then I wanted to feel her skin and pushed up her sweater.

Silvia immediately stretched and helped me take off my sweater. Her breasts were so small and petite that she didn’t need a bra and they stood nicely tight. The nipples pushed forward and encouraged to suck. I couldn’t resist that either and took the first one straight into my mouth and sucked on it, bit into it lightly and teased it with my tongue. Silvia was getting wilder and more restless on my lap. I felt a wet stain already forming in her jeans.

I put her on her feet and undid her pants. I slowly pulled my pants down and enjoyed every moment when I could see more of her. Her flat stomach was framed by two beautiful sporty thighs and there was no hair on the pubic bone. She must have had a fresh shave because the area was smooth and not a single stubble showed. Then finally the lips and the pearl of pleasure came to light.

Everything glistened wet and radiated a heat, as if someone had turned on a hot water tap. Now I leaned forward and started exploring the whole area with my tongue. Her juice tasted young and horny. A slightly salty mixture with a nice, sweet aftertaste. She was probably in the toilet for a moment before I came. But the taste was so hot that my cock could explode with joy. I now inserted a finger into the tight plum from behind, while I pampered her lust pearl from the front with my tongue.

Stunning Mature Lady

I pulled my lips apart with my hands and ran my tongue through the crevice. I tasted the mixture of cunt juice and my sperm , which drove the blood back into my cock. I felt her hands digging in my hair and tried to pull myself back up. But this time I wanted to drink a little more of their juice, so I stayed downstairs and put another finger into the plum.

After a short time, Silvia tensed up and slumped on my lap. She had her first orgasm . Even though I only had one finger in her, I could still feel how everything pulled together and a new flood of her juice was released. When she calmed down a bit, I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. There I put her on the bed and undressed. Now I lay down between her legs and began to lick up the juice from her thighs and pubic area again.

Silvi shivered again and pulled me up. Come on fuck me she said I want to feel you. I felt her hand grab my cock and lead it to her entrance. When he was in front of the entrance, she pushed her hips forward so that I could penetrate her. I felt the warmth and wetness and then I couldn’t control myself anymore. With gentle pressure I pushed my cock into her tight hole. It was so tight that it almost hurt me.

Finally, completely inside, I enjoyed the warmth and heat. Silvi works my cock by using her muscles and milking my cock. “Stop it, otherwise I’ll come too fast and you won’t get any benefit,” I said as she kept playing her game. She whispered in my ear, “Enjoy it, I’ll be right back. “So she continued and I kept still. This is how a cow must feel at the milking machine. I had never seen anything like it in my entire life.

Only with her muscles she massaged my cock until it came to me. With a loud moan, I suddenly rammed forward powerfully and injected a nice big load into the hot cave. Silvi was so tight that not a drop ran out as long as I was in her. But when I finally pulled my cock out, a thick river of our juices flowed out of her plum and left a nice hot spot on the bed. I was finally able to look at her naked in peace.

Everything I saw was what I wanted. Nice warm blue eyes, a small pointy nose, small firm tits , a flat stomach, a freshly shaved pubic bone where the plum starts at the highest point and then pulls between the two young, firm thighs. The lips were lovely pink and small, so I immediately went back downstairs to suck on them and lick off the juice. Silvi immediately began to moan again and opened her thighs.


With the second hand I let my index finger knock carefully on her back door, which she immediately prevented with clear movements. So I stopped there for the time being and went back to her plum and tits. It didn’t take long and Silvi pressed her legs together and got a new orgasm. On my tongue I could feel how she too cum easily. A clear jet of the finest juice hit my tongue and made me want more.

As soon as I could free myself, I got up and put my cock on. Since she was still completely wet, I was able to penetrate a little faster and insert my cock with a hard push until it stopped. Right inside I felt her cervix on the tip of my tail. The first cumshot a little more calmly I began to fuck her hard in calm, long thrusts. With every thrust, my balls slapped on her ass and set the pace.

Silvia tried to free herself, but I held on to her and continued my game. Shortly afterwards it came back to her and her plum got so tight that I couldn’t continue fucking. At that moment I carefully stuck a finger up my ass and saw what happened. Silvia opened her eyes and released my cock again. Now I could strike again and continue with my pleasure. I kept my finger in my ass and this enabled me to feel my cock slide in and out.

Silvia was already close to another climax that brought her to her physical end. Her moan has turned into a whimper and her body just twitched. When it came back to her, it was time for me too. With a hard push I pressed the tip of my cock on her cervix and injected my load directly on it. I also had to moan violently and breathe, but sank down on her happily and deeply relaxed. I had pulled my finger out of my ass while hosing down, so that I now came to rest on her with my cock stuck in her.

We turned a little to the side, so that she was now lying on top of me, and I felt the hot body in full length. My cock shrank and slipped out of the damp and warm hole. Then I felt how everything ran out of her again and dripped onto my cock and sack before it found its way onto the bed. After a few minutes, Silvia had calmed down and fell asleep on top of me. I put her carefully on her side, covered her up, and went quietly to her bathroom.

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