Fucking my mother’s girlfriend

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Back then, I was just 18 years old and dreamed of breasts, pussies and asses.

Unfortunately, however, I had no practical experience except that I sometimes saw my older sister, at the age of 17, scurrying into the bathroom with only light clothes on. Mother’s breast, at the time she was 41, on the other hand, could be clearly seen through her blouses and sweaters.

When I was jerking off , I often imagined these breasts naked and then I got a boner.

Sure, I wasn’t that well developed, but the first fluff on my eggs was sprouting and a small tuft of hair could already be seen above my tail .

When I was indulging in my thoughts one afternoon and just massaging my dick in the toilet while looking at the naked girls in the ‘Neue Revue’, the doorbell rang.

I quickly pulled up my pants, pushed my cock, which had just become a bit stiff, into my underpants and wedged myself into my jeans. With a little pressure I also got the zipper closed.

I ran to the front door and opened it.

In front of the door stood a woman with dark, almost black hair and a travel bag under her arm. She smiled attractively and introduced herself as Anneliese and my mother’s friend .

“You can call me Anni”, I heard her say and her warm voice was immediately pleasant to me.

At first I was perplexed, because in front of me there was a woman around 50 who looked at me directly and openly with her gray-green eyes; and a smile played around the freshly red painted lips. I eyed her and discovered that her blouse was stretching a lot at the front.

“Well, don’t you want to let me in?” She said, tearing me out of my thoughts.

Of course I let her into our house.

When father came home later, Anni was first hugged by him as a greeting and I could see father laughing and hugging Anni and her great breasts. Well, my old man clearly liked that.

When mother came back from the city from shopping, the greeting was of course warm and both women kissed each other deeply on the mouth. Did I see right? Anni shoved her tongue briefly into mother’s mouth and they were honest friends again.

Then dinner came and my father got a bottle of red wine from the cellar. There was talk about old times and little by little Anni and my parents felt visibly more and more exuberant and fun.

For me it was also interesting, because Anni had put on a dirndl in the meantime and I could admire her big breasts extensively. Every now and then she gave me a friendly smile and then continued the conversation with my parents.

In the meantime the two apples in their blouse, already slightly reddened, were laughing at me more and more often.

When it was 11:00 p.m., my parents sent me to bed. At my mother’s request, I had cleared my room for Anni and moved into our kitchen-cum-living room on the kitchen sofa. At first I couldn’t even think of falling asleep and now, with Anni in my head, I massaged my prick stiffly.

The bladder put pressure on me and my cock stood because I had to piss too.

I quickly ran into the bathroom, relaxed divinely when I could finally crawl into the bowl with a steady stream; that was good! On the way back from the bathroom I suddenly ran into Anni, who was literally floating down the hall in a borrowed nightgown from my mother. It was only a moment, but despite the … Read more

Erotic adventure with the neighbour

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My name is Peter. I’m in my early twenties, the age when every healthy young man wakes up with a stiff cock every morning and starts the day jerking off extensively . When the adventures with my neighbour, which I will tell you about, began, my girlfriend had just left me and so I lived alone with my penis and my hands in my little student dorm in Berlin. I was well stocked with jerk-off templates: porn magazines, videos and an account, but my fantasies about jerking off always ended up in hot games with my girlfriend.

She was a full-figured woman with luscious tits and in my fantasies she had wonderful fleshy, hairy labia between her powerful thighs, which I pampered with hands, tongue and penis, sometimes hard and sometimes tenderly, next to her tits. Unfortunately, it was always just fantasies about sex with her. I could only imagine my longing desires while jerking off and then write them down in stories, which I then uploaded. One day I was sitting in front of the laptop with my pants down, I was horny at pictures of mature women with big sagging tits and was about to cum when the phone rang.

“Yes, hello?” I called reluctantly. “Peter, this is your neighbour Susanne. I have a problem: I locked myself out when I was about to get the newspaper from the mailbox. You have a spare key. I’m one floor up with the neighbour. Can you come quickly please Please !! ”I had to grin“ can you come quickly ”- if neighbour Susanne had known that I had my cock in my hand and was about to orgasm … I calmed her down, jerked off to the end, now with a naked neighbour Susanne my mind’s eye, and drove off.

Susanne is in her late 40s and divorced. She lives in a 3-room apartment above me and has a part-time job “in an office”. I don’t know any more details. She has beautiful, wavy, dark-blonde hair, green eyes and full lips with decent make-up. She prefers to wear costumes and high-necked blouses, so one has to guess what kind of physical charms are hidden underneath. I occasionally helped her with small chores around the house, and we have recently started talking. When I got upstairs I rang the neighbour’s doorbell.

An attractive middle-aged woman answered the door. She said in a smoky voice: “You are probably Peter. Come in, your neighbor is waiting. “Susanne, was sitting at a small coffee table in the living room. There were two champagne glasses on the table. Susanne’s outfit amazed me: she wore a silk dressing gown, white nylon stockings and high-heeled shoes. In contrast to the rest of the time, she was heavily made up and had a heavy perfume on. When she got up, the dressing gown slipped apart, revealing her well-rounded breasts and thighs.

My eyes almost fell out of my head – Susanne wasn’t wearing panties. She quickly closed her dressing gown and blushed when she saw my questioning look. “Come on,” she said, “we don’t want to hold up Rebecca any longer. “And she gave Rebecca a quick kiss and went to the door. Her ample buttocks swayed beneath the dressing gown. Rebecca shook my hand, held it a little longer than usual, looked deep into my eyes and whispered in a sonorous voice: “So you are the famous Peter.

It’s nice that we both met once. “And as you go out, she accidentally brushes her hand over my pants. I unlocked with the spare key and was about to leave when Susanne said: “Come in a moment. “And I went into the living room behind her. Here, too, … Read more

Hanna the mature seduction


A bit with a story, because only fucking gets boring after a while. From a certain age with a certain waist circumference and after long years of marriage and two children who take any fun out of sex, I actually ended up with the topic apart from traditional sex. Yes, the young things in the sauna or at the lake. Nice to look at and already felt a bit of pleasure, but they already had their friends with them and some of them were already doing it unabashedly on the beach or in the relaxation room of the sauna.

Of course it turns on and on days like this my wife is especially happy because I usually attack her and we have old, classically beautiful sex. But then I was taught better. I once again drove my little one to her club, where, as is customary, the parents are involved and actually run the shop. So today too. Behind the counter stood a good friend whom I had known from the club for a long time.

He, young in his early 30s with a well-built body, had his new girlfriend with him today and helped with the serving. After a short chat we got into a conversation, to which his new flame simply sat down. Silvia was in her late twenties, had long blonde hair and was beautifully slim with small breasts and a nice “cracking butt”. After the first sampling, I ticked off the topic as a nice dream and focused on my friend again. In the course of the day I saw a few glances from Silvia as she was looking at me.

Later my little one came and we went on our way again. A week later there was a small party in the club and I had to go there alone with my little one because my junior had to go to another date. Once there, I sit down at a free table and inspected the arriving people and visitors. Again and again someone brought me a beer or a shandy so that there was never a lack of conversation or drinks. When I got bored, my boyfriend came with his girlfriend and sat down with me.

When Frank got up later to get food and more drinks, the conversation at the table stopped. But little by little we realized that we had the same sense of humor and that we could both gossip about the guests present. Since Frank was also involved in a conversation, Silvia sat around and slid over to me. Again and again I felt her hand trying to draw my attention to different things. Her perfume penetrated my nose and the scent stimulated me.

It was a nice sporty scent that went well with her. When the music started later, Silvia asked me if I didn’t want to dance. Not really, I said, but on the way to the bar I put my arms around her and danced a few bars. At first she was amazed, but then she let herself be guided. She pressed her hips against me and massaged my cock through my pants. With a wink I meant that she has to be careful, otherwise she will stab herself on the jackknife that extends from time to time.

Don’t worry, she laughed, she has the optimal sheath that adapts to all knife blades. Now I was flabbergasted and got out of step too. With a smile I let go of her and got my beer at the bar. Shortly afterwards my little one came running up and we agreed to go home. With a long look at Silvia and a quiet we’ll see each other, I took … Read more

Great sauna experience

Hot Mature Lady

A few months ago I was in another city for work. Fortunately, my employer had paid me a decent hotel with a spa and sauna. I like to go there, on the one hand to relax, on the other hand – I admit it! – because I like to see naked people. I find it interesting to see women who are naked in a non-sexual context, who therefore act completely normal and for whom being naked becomes something natural at this moment.

They would never run around naked anywhere else. If I were at home with these completely normal people and said, “Come on, we’ll all undress, there’s nothing wrong”, then they would probably kick me out. I think it’s sharp to see that Uschi from next door really is shaved bare; that secretary Manu grabbed her legs while showering; that Aunt Gerda is aggressively running around naked and obviously having fun; and that there is always one or the other woman who likes to show herself naked and also tries to be tense by men.

photo-sexy-mature-womanI often imagine how women I see in everyday life look naked, how they are shaved, what their pussy looks like. Here I can see it, of course.

I imagine that most women don’t notice how I look at them. I’m really trying to make it very subtle. I don’t walk past them conspicuously, I don’t stare, I don’t follow anyone. When I’m in the sauna and a woman is sitting there so that I can see her cunt, I always do it with one movement.

I sit down differently and briefly look at their cunts. Or I walk past a shower that a woman is standing under, grab my towel hanging there and catch a glimpse between her thighs. Pussies! Something wonderful! And every woman has one!

So I was in the hotel’s sauna area in the evening. It wasn’t too busy, maybe eight people in total in the whole complex. There were two sauna cabins, but first I lay down on one of the loungers and relaxed a little.

Then a woman entered the wellness area that I noticed immediately. She was in her mid-forties, blond, and well-proportioned. I noticed her because as soon as she came through the front door, she opened her bathrobe and took it off after a few steps. Usually people – especially women – come in with a towel or bathrobe tied on and only take them off at the last moment: when they are already standing in front of the shower.

I read that this woman didn’t do that as the joy of being naked, of showing and being seen.

She had a wonderful figure. Her pussy was partially shaved, there were only a few hairs to be seen, as blonde as the hair on her head. A well-established woman in her prime, obviously also self-confident and aware of her effect on men. I thought that was hot.

She walked past me, took a shower, and then disappeared. Well, let’s see, I thought.

You don’t run after it straight away. After ten minutes I thought: Well, now it’s time to go to the sauna. I took my things and went to the smaller of the two saunas. Inside were two men of about fifty and – indeed! – the woman from earlier. When I said hello, the men grunted a greeting. But the woman looked me straight in the eye and said “Hello!” In a tone as if we knew each other.

Aha, I thought. That’s going to be a good start.

I spread my towel and sit down. The men talked about business and colleagues: the tailor from marketing, the customer appointment at one … Read more

Kinky mature Rita

Hot Mature Lady

The new neighbour

My name is Rita and I was around 35 at the time of the events and lived in a small town with my 15 year old son. In addition to my work in the health food store, I created candles and batiks that I sold at concerts and festivals. So I always found opportunities to live out my horniness. At the festivals, the bands, rowdies and exhibitors always celebrated great parties where it mostly ended in wild fucking.

Since my short but slowly noticed what was going on, I had already watched him wich stains on my worn panties in the laundry basket and made it clear to me that I had to hold back a little now. At least that’s how I thought at the time.

Fortunately, my school friend Gabrielle also lived in the house and I was able to go into town every now and then and do a little something for my pussy , or have someone done. While he was with her. When the short boy was with his grandmother and went something like that with breakfast.

At the end of my one night stand, I let myself be injected into my mouth again to say goodbye. So I still had the hot taste of my nocturnal climber in my mouth until I got home and while I tried to keep his cum in my mouth as long as possible, I sat in the car and couldn’t wait to jerk my cunt in the shower again .

Busty And MatureOn some evenings, or when my son was at school , I would watch some porn with Gaby every now and then and jerk each other off. Or does that mean jerking off women with women? On the one hand, I admired you for your extremely long nipples on small but extremely firm breasts. While I am rather dissatisfied with my big breasts.

I have a D-cup with unfortunately small nipples, which can get very hard but do not stick out under the sweater. Gaby loved it when I maltreated her nipple, she pulled, pinched and bit. On the other hand, I have never licked and fingered a narrower cunt than hers before or after. It was so tight that it was difficult for me to put my finger in it myself.

But she loved it when I stuck my tongue into her sweet bottom. She especially liked it when I ran my tongue from her clitty to the rosette . I would like to lick her asshole. It had a firm, bulging sphincter that shimmered slightly bluish.

I then put one finger and sometimes even three or four fingers into her bottom.

Actually, I’m not an anal fan at all. I don’t mind if my lover shoves a beating up the buttocks, as long as he is sensitive. But I’m not begging for it.

Since I take the pill, there is no reason to use contraception this way. But it was always good for me with Gaby. Sometimes we just pampered ourselves the rosettes and came mega-moderately.

But over time I lacked regular access to a tail !

On the middle floor of the house, the grandma who lived there had moved into the retirement home and a van drove up on a Saturday morning in April. A couple of boys came over to help carry up the furniture.

I looked for the cutest one and imagined how I would probably make it clear to him that this was about extensive caretaker tasks that were waiting for him here. In the afternoon everyone drove away and nothing happened at first. The new one was nowhere to be seen. For the next few weeks I … Read more