the hottest words

I once had a Ukrainian lover, Allanko, who was a fighter pilot in the former Yugoslavia. And his uncle fucked to death and he was already old enough. His years and a back that measured at least five palms wide, that the first time I had him on top I dedicated myself to my measurements. On one occasion we fucked so much that my pussy was like the Higgs Boson, which seems very big and deep to me. And this is all the geopolitical analysis that I can make of the conflict, I hope you have found it useful. Now we go with the four sexiest phrases of 2022.

We live in convulsive years, come on, that the pandemic in 2020 is going to be an appetizer in the end. Of course, the writer of the last two years is hitting it, at our expense, of course. The other day, watching the news that it is something that you should NOT do if you want to have mental health and live in harmony, I saw, one after another, about the rise in electricity, the increase in sunflower oil, gasoline skyrocketing and the shortage of milk. All like that, out of the blue. And it occurred to me that now the sexiest phrases when it comes to flirting would be very different from those before 2020. The phrases that they play us now have nothing to do with that summer song that said “come here, my mom, here to the sand I’m going to give you good salami ». Or something like that, I clearly remember that salami was involved. But not. We have evolved into something else, which is neither better nor worse. Is different. Today we are excited to hear other types of phrases whispered in our ears. Namely:

Let’s go, I’ve filled the diesel tank

the sexiestBuah, this puts quantity, and if the utility vehicle has a large tank and spends much more, it excites much more. The gas station is that new prohibitive place almost as expensive as Diverxo. Come on, the guy from the pump turns us on much more (if there is a guy and a pump) than any other jambo.

“I have a pantry full of sunflower oil”

Sunflower oil is the new toilet paper. Or the new yeast. Do you remember when in April 2020 there was no way to find yeast in supermarkets? For me, who is not far-sighted, my pastels were like cow shit, squashed, because the only thing I got before confinement was new signs for the little one because I sensed that we were going to paint a lot at home. Look, I wasn’t wrong. Well now the same thing happens with sunflower oil: the other day I was at a fuck friend ‘s house and he had a full pantry, at least 15 liters, in 5-liter bottles. The worst thing is that I don’t use it, He confessed to me. In other words, the pure desire to hoard, I thought. He seemed like a cenutrio after this confession and I have put him on the list of unineuronals and unidustes : this one never sees my hair again. That yes, a carafe of oil I took, that the thing is very bad. If you add to the bottles of sunflower oil that the subject has liters of milk (I mean in the pantry, not that he runs like a bull) and yogurt, then, don’t doubt it, he’s a great match.

I put the washing machine four times a week, and at 60 degrees

the hottest wordsThe temperature matters because, at a higher temperature, greater electricity consumption and a man who puts on the washing machine several times a week (already, if he knows how to put on the washing machine himself and recognizes the different programs, your panties will get wet) is a MELOPH in all rule. I mean, he says that to you at the bar, while he’s bringing onions, and you come alive right there and leave your panties and pants dripping, appropriate to go to the washing machine. To his clear, that you do not spend that.

I turn on all the lights in the house even if I’m not there

Well, well… this is cinnamon sticks. To that turkey the energy resources are brought to the heave because he has resources and many. The same, yes, when you go to bed, turn off the light, because leaving the lights on, whether expensive or cheap, is to have few lights, really. But hey, to try… Total, then, if he doesn’t measure up mentally nor does he measure up in bed, you can always include him in the list that we were saying about unineuronals.

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